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Good-luck and looking forward to seeing your work in the Facebook Community Group.

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3. Supplies

Click to get a list of suggested supplies, complete with affiliate links for purchase. 

Please feel free to use supplies you might already have, as these are ‘suggested’ items and not mandatory.

St. Petersburg 24 White Nights Watercolours

Silver Black Velvet Brushes (Pack of 3)

da Vinci 418-01 1 Pure Blue Squirrel Watercolor Mop Brush

Princeton Neptune 8

Canson Watercolour Paperpad (30 sheets) 9″ x 12″

ETCHR Sketchbooks 100% Cotton Cold Press (3 pack)

4. Weekly Schedules

Click on the weeks to see what’s in store for this exciting challenge. Links to the challenge videos will be sent via email, so make sure you are signed up.

Tag all your work with #HelloClariceGChallenge when you post online on social media 🙂

Video 1: Colour Swatching

Video 2: Gradient Blends

Video 3: Abstract Blends

Video 4: Leaf

Video 5: Strawberry

Video 6: Loose Flower Bunch

Video 7: Flip Flops

Video 8: Make-up

Video 9: Perfume Bottle

Video 10: Ice-cream

Video 11: Martini

Video 12: Coffee

Video 13: BONUS

Yes, I made a playlist​

Yes, I made a playlist. Y’all know I love my music and I want to share the inspo and joy I get from some of my painting faves.

Introducing the #HelloClariceGChallenge watercolour playlist

Yes, I made a playlist

Y’all know I love my music and I want to share the inspo and joy I get from some of my painting tunes. So have a listen while you paint for the challenge and save it if you like it.


How to qualify

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2. Complete all the challenges and tag me #HelloClariceGChallenge when posting on the group or on your Instagram account.

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clarice gomes

Hello, I’m Clarice

…sole proprietor of Clarice Gomes Designs & an artist, Hello Clarice YouTube Watercolour tutorials, from Toronto, Canada.

I love painting watercolour florals and sharing this knowledge through tutorials on YouTube. My YouTube channel was birth out of my desire to “give back” on something that comes fairly easily to me.

My hope is that you will enjoy this journey. Allow yourself to have fun, relax, and grow through this creative outlet.